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About us

Pest Removal Tips is a leading voice in all things related to pest removal. We aim to help people around the world to prevent and control pests in order to protect both their health and property. We achieve this by using our proven experience to offer helpful and actionable content related to pest removal.

Pests: A Global Nuisance

​Pest infestation is a global problem and in the US, for example, more than half of American homeowners report having problems with pests of various sizes. These pests can cause billions of dollars worth of damage to structures over both very short and long time frames and pose serious health risks.

Despite the prevalence of pests and their potential for harm, not many people know how to effectively deal with them. This is why we decided to create Pest Removal Tips, as a repository for expert guidance. Knowledge is power and it is an essential weapon in your fight against pests.

We will regularly share, update and research proven tips and guidance. From techniques to product reviews, you will be the most informed readers, provided with all the correct information needed to make the right decisions to protect your health and property. Our content is clear, engaging, and helps everyone from the layman to the expert access the maximum amount of knowledge possible.

Here to Serve

Pest Removal Tips is a project of passion, one where we hope to make a positive impact on your life and the wider world. If you have any particular questions or requests for guidance, fire away, as it’s always a pleasure to receive and respond to you. 

Our team has decades of combined experience and you can rely on us to give you the accurate guidance that you need.

Meet the Team

​With years of pest control experience we launched this website with the express goal of helping you. Over time we have come to realize that while many people around the world suffer from serious pest issues, they lack the knowledge on how to deal with them effectively.

Our team quickly understood that we have the opportunity to share our experiences and expertise with people who are struggling with pests. Our content is as clear and non-technical as possible, helping our global audience to understand our expert advice.

The experts who make up Pest Removal Tips are friendly and compassionate. We are driven by the promise of helping people around the world to resolve their pest control issues and we are confident that we can help.

Our Goal

From mites and mice to fleas and foxes — and everything in-between — we want to share the best tactics to take on these pests. These dangerous, bothersome pests can spread disease and damage property while also consuming significant portions of the global food supply.

It gives us great delight to help people resolve their stressful and expensive pest issues. It is our hope that as we continue to grow, that we can maximize the positive impact we have on the world.

Our team is made up of people from all over, so our posts, articles, and copy can be in American or British English — or both! So enjoy the different spelling of common words, and have fun spotting the differences.