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Your infestation has grown fast, far, and is out of control, and it’s time to call the professionals. This might be the first time you have called on the services needed to control the pests that have invaded your space, so you may well have some questions. Or perhaps, you have already had an exterminator in your home, but you would like to make sure that they will cover every base.

This article helps you prepare so that the process of hiring a professional pest control technician is as straightforward and easy as possible.

Before and after: The steps to take

Follow every instruction given to you by your professional exterminator to the letter. Do not improvise or think your idea “might be better”. Ask questions both before and after the exterminator visits you. A professional won’t mind and will be there to help. No question is stupid or one too many. Keep family members and pets safe; move pets out for a while if possible. Remove all foodstuffs before any chemicals are sprayed, do not  immediately clean after an extermination.

Why you Need Pest Control and Pro Pest Control Services?

​Recently there are many ways in which you can practice home do-it-yourself pest control. Some people take pleasure out of personally taking care of their property while others will decide to choose this path to help save costs. While many people want to purchase the products there are times when it seems that they are unable to do so.

Severe infestation- some pests are difficult to get rid of than others
Most commonly, people will employ a professional exterminator to remove every infestation of pests such as bedbugs, ants, insects or cockroaches. Some pests are more complicated to get rid of than others. For example bedbugs are tiny, they can hide anywhere, and they can multiply quickly. Extreme bedbug infestations sometimes need a skilled exterminator.

Use a Professional Pest Control Service when a Small Infestation Explodes into a Big one
One of the most substantial reasons why you should consider employing an expert pest control service is when your small infestation becomes a big one. Large pest control infestation are difficult to manage, understand and get rid off. Get the professionals in to do the job.

Pests can be a hazard to your health
Pest can be dangerous to your health and your home, even if it costs more to employ a professional service you might end up saving much more than just money at the end of it all. This is particularly true when catching pests before they can cause extreme damage, or before they can multiply in number.

How to Choose a Pest Control Company?

​Before you officially employ a professional pest control technician, be sure to do lots of research concerning the company and the type of service rendered. Also, when you employ an exterminator, be confident that they have all the right qualifications. When you finally decide which professional service you are going with, be sure to that they:

Are knowledgeable
Make sure you are choosing an expert, someone who is experienced with the particular pest you are fighting. You do not want to employ someone to remove bedbugs if they have only ever gotten rid of cockroaches. 
Detail which pest you are currently dealing with and ask the professional what knowledge they have about that particular type of pest. Pest control technicians and/or exterminators must have appropriate certifications for some areas of their job. Be sure that whoever you are hiring has the necessary training that they is required to have by law.

Pest Control Company Should be insured
Any company that you want to employ to work in your home should be bonded or insured. This is for both the safety of the exterminator and your home.

Ask for Safety Sheets
If not readily provided, ask for safety and information sheets about the pesticides the exterminator plans to make use of in your home.

Ask for Clear Explanation about the Terms
Get a clear explanation on the price estimates and as to if it is a one-time treatment or needs, for example, monthly treatments.

Ask about the products they use
In some cases, an extreme infestation might need the use of fast-acting synthetic pesticides. But if you are set on using natural pesticides, ask around to find an exterminator that uses them. Talk to your exterminator about what type of chemicals they use. Always be mindful of the kind of chemical the exterminator uses, in case any member of your family is allergic to it.

Make sure they are reputable
When you select your professional exterminator, you will be needed to know that they are reliable. If possible, talk to previous customers to get an idea of the process with that particular company. Some websites also provide reviews, so you can read all about the pros and cons of a specific company or particular exterminator.

Let them have a look at your home beforehand
Before you officially employ someone consider inviting them over to assess your problem, and give you a quote. This, however,  may be a difficult if you have an emergency.

What to Expect from a Professional Pest Control Service?

An expert pest control service’s sole purpose is to remove pest infestations. They have in-depth training and effective pest control procedures. Expert pest control services might come out for a one-time exterminator treatment, or you might employ them to come out every month. 

Your professional pest control expert should be an expert in every way, they should be able to explain everything to you and should have time to answer all your questions.

Furthermore, on inspecting your home, any professional worth their salt will also check your yard for signs of  any problems. They should report their findings so you will be able to understand the service you are employing them for. This should also include the price they are charging, how long it will take and any other information you ask for.

How should I prepare for a pest control visit?

Here is a list of what to do:

Ask for a list of instructions 
Most exterminators give you a list of what you need to do in order for them to come and perform successful services. Ask for a list of instructions if your exterminator does not give you any. Follow them exactly, as this will make sure that the procedure goes perfectly.

Ask if the pesticides used are safe
If anyone in your family, or people who visit you regularly — friends, healthcare workers — has allergies, health conditions or even asthma, ask if the pesticides are safe for that particular health condition.

Ask as many questions as possible
This is the most crucial part of your  preparation! You have be well informed about the process so that you can prepare  accordingly.

Make sure that your home is hygienic and neat
Be confident that your apartment is as spotless and tidy as possible before your pro pest control technician shows up. This will make sure that the bugs will be lured into the baits that your exterminator sets out, making the baits much effective.

Remove everything that your child or baby uses 
If you have a baby or child, remove all of their things so that they will not be tainted by any pesticides. 

Remove everything out of your bathroom
When pesticides are applied in your bathroom, take everything out.

Do not keep pets in your home 
Pesticides can be very harmful to various kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, and other pets. This may mean that you have to make arrangements for your pets to be somewhere else during the extermination process. Inquire how long it will be until it’s safe for your pets to return. To be on the safer side, ask your veterinarian too.

Your Safe Return
Sometimes even people cannot return home for a particular amount of time after the pest service control has been performed. It might be merely a few hours, but can be days or even more. Be very clear about the answer so you can be sure of the time when you can return home.

Get rid of garbage 
Dispose of any trash inside your home before an exterminator comes. This will assist the effectiveness of the pesticides used, particularly if you are struggling with an ant or cockroach infestation. You should also dispose of any unused paper products that you might not need since pesticides can be absorbed by paper and cardboard.

Cover Objects in Plastic Wrap or Place them in Airtight Containers
Cover objects in plastic wrap, or place them in airtight containers. Your exterminator should give you a list of items that you need to put away and those that can stay as is. 

Do not allow any food to sit out
Make sure that none of your foodstuffs are sitting out before the pest control professional shows up. If you leave any food sitting out, including fruit, you should throw it away when you return home. 

What to Do After Pest Control

Most people ask what they should do immediately after having an expert pest control service in their homes. After all, you will want to be sure that the pest control measures that have been taking place in your home will be effective long after the exterminator has gone. Here are some things that you should keep in mind after you have had pro pest control services:

Do not use additional “at home pesticides” immediately afterward
This might interfere with the pesticides used by the exterminator. The mixing of certain chemicals can also be dangerous, causing toxic reactions. 

Call your exterminator and ask for a free evaluation
In the unfortunate event that you still find some issues following your final home treatment, call your exterminator for a free assessment. They might be able to assess why there is still infestation in your home. If they are at fault, they will offer a follow-up treatment.

Ask how long it will take until you do stop seeing the targeted pest
If you only have one home treatment you might still expect to see the pests for a short period after any initial service. On average it should take about two weeks or so before you stop seeing your unwanted guests.

Do not immediately clean after your return
Cleaning immediately after an extermination will remove the pesticides that are there to kill pests. Ask your exterminator how long you need to wait until you can clean your home.

Consider Using Gloves
Consider using gloves to handle any sprayed objects or surfaces after returning home. This is to keep your skin free of chemicals and prevent any side effects, while most pesticides are not dangerous to humans you should take every precaution possible.

Make sure to schedule the next appointment if needed
If you need multiple treatments, be sure that you plan the next appointment with your pest control technician as soon as possible. Scheduling your appointments after a particular period might be crucial to keep the pests at bay. 

Now that you have an idea about what to do before and/or after you use pro pest control services, you will have a great idea of what to expect on your end. Since the processes involved can be different, your professional exterminator will provide an idea of their expectations. If they don’t, then ask for a detailed list before any service is performed.

​A Word of Warning: Pest Control Side Effects

Some people can suffer severe health problems due to a reaction to pesticides. If you experience any adverse critical health issues after returning home seek medical attention immediately.
Some severe reactions include:

  • Fainting 
  • Throat irritation
  • Skin Rashes
  • Trouble breathing
  • Itchiness
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

You might have to leave your home for a longer period than anticipated if you have any severe reactions due to the pesticides used. If you already have existing health problems, or if you are pregnant, you might want to stay out of your home for longer.

Before and After: Check Again!

It’s always extremely important to be sure that you are clear on any processes involving pest control, so allow me to restate things through a clear and straightforward checklist:

What to do before pro pest control services

  • Research extensively before any services are performed
  • Ask as many questions as you need to to understand what services will be performed. Different exterminators do different things
  • Get rid of any garbage and clean your home before using any extermination services
  • Remove everything out of your bathroom
  • Discuss any concerns about health issues

What you should do after having a pro pest control service:

  • Make sure that you stay out of your home until it is safe to return 
  • Do not use additional DIY pesticides
  • Keep your children and pets — and their things —  out of the way  until it is safe to return
  • Do not clean your home immediately after any pest control service
  • Consult your doctor if you or anyone in the house develops a health problems

Finally, I truly hope this helps you get everything sorted before your first extermination treatment and if you have any questions, be sure to ask by sending us an e-mail. We’re here to help!