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Why is professional pest control so expensive? It’s a good question — and one that’s bound to be asked
real loud — and repeatedly — when finally confronted with the cost of keeping unwanted pests from our homes and property. As, and let’s be honest here, you can go to the store and buy any amount of different chemicals and solutions that are relatively cheap and plentiful. You can spray, hose and wash down your house, garage, yard, and car to your hearts content. Get those pests gone. Claim back what is rightfully yours, your home, your space, your yard and garage.

Round One Knock Out

By taking on pest control via a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach, sure, you will save money. You will also give yourself a sense of having done something really productive, of getting rid of annoying bugs, rodents, and any number of unwanted guests. You can put your feet up, tired out from all the hard work you’ve put in, and happily tell your family that everything is going to be OK. The cockroaches, ants, rats and bats are gone. Knocked out. You can all sleep safe.

Back in the Ring

Fast forward two weeks later and guess who’s back? Everyone, that’s who: The cockroaches, the ants, rats and bats (And most likely even some of their buddies) are all back on the scene doing their thing. They are pooping, eating, gnawing, urinating and making your home and property unhealthy, messy, stinky and even dangerous to live in.

But, being a determined sort — one who doesn’t take any trials and troubles lying down — you get to it. Ding-ding! You get back down to the store and gear up with sprays, pellets, traps and more. This time there will be no defeat; you will clear every single last one of them out.

You put in an entire weekend, even enlist other people’s help, your approach is thorough and relentless. You scrub, brush, set and spray. You seal cracks, fill holes and remove nests, poop and anything that may attract or encourage any of the pests that have been invading your space and making your life miserable.

You collapse exhausted, but content. This time you’ve exterminated, removed, and got rid of every single last one of the unwanted critters, bugs, creepy crawlies and night time horrors.

​The Fight is Never Over

No. They come back. This fight is never going to be over!

You fold your cards, get online — or call a friend — and find the best pest control service around. That’s when you realize; you have to pay to get things done in a way that is going to be effective, long lasting, and will truly deliver meaningful results. But why? I don’t get it? It’s the same chemicals (if not a little weaker), the same approach (If not quite so good) and, and, and…

Well, no. It isn’t. The plain and simple fact is that we, including me, don’t know how to use the traps, poisons, chemicals and toxins correctly. We don’t know where to put them, in what dosage or in what kind of container or trap. We haven’t trained and studied and worked hard to get certified and licensed. We haven’t paid thousands of dollars for the correct gear and clothing. And did you know that the law requires you read the label of any pest control chemicals and follow it exactly? Thought so. Neither did I

​So, this is why pest control is expense, you are not just paying for the chemical you’re paying for

The Knowledge

No professional pest control company or controller is ever just about the pesticides. You already know how expensive those can be, especially when you’ve bought three rounds worth of “war on pests” but to no kind of lasting effect. No, it’s never about the “stuff” bought; it is always about The Knowledge.

That’s how simple it is: Pest Control is about knowledge. Yet, this isn’t an easy to come by kind of insight that you can pick up in a few days, or by watching a series of YouTube videos, no. This is years of training, of study, application, certification and licensing. Of knowing what chemical at what concentration does what to that kind of bug; to this kind of rodent, to that kind of mite, lice or creepy crawly.​

​Your best friend can have all the medicine and operating tools known to human kind, even possess a thousand books and a real drive and keen interest to perform heart surgery, but would you pop round for a replacement? Of course not! Your best friend — even with the best intentions — doesn’t have a clue as to what they are doing! Get to the hospital now!

​So, you get the point.

​Think About It

I truly believe, and I stand by this 110%, that only when a pest control professional has had 5 years — or more — on the job do they really begin to get a real idea of how to be effective. Only then are they truly getting an idea of the industry.

Pest control is like the medical and legal fields: it is a practice; this is no easy pick up profession that any one can just walk in of the street from and do. The laws, products and methods are always in flux, always changing, always trying new and better approaches. The customer wants change too, and rightly so. We want safer, cleaner, less-stinky ways of clearing their property and lives of pests.

The bug guy who rocks up to your house or office? They have to be an entomologist, a chemical engineer, a construction expert, a plumbing expert, a mathematician, and know how to explain all these complicated subjects to me, to you.

So remember this, say it, write it down, and ask your friends to repeat it. Think about it:

You’re not paying for the chemical. It’s the knowledge.

So Much More than Sprays

Pest Control experts must annually gain points in order to maintain their certification, which they need to maintain their license, which they need to maintain their charter. Behind all that, are the required insurances and bonds needed to even qualify for those other things. It’s a profession that takes itself seriously because, well, it’s a serious business when you’re using toxins, poisons and chemicals around other humans and want-to-keep animals i.e. pets.

Of course every sing one of those certificates, those insurance policies, has a price tag attached to it. It’s expensive to know what you are doing, and to do it safely. This is all part of why the cost of a professional pest control approach is expensive, because to hire an expert costs money.

Everyone knows a business has overheads and expenses: paper, ink, advertising, gas, rent, and… taxes. Pest control demands that a professional comes to you, we, as customers, can’t take our problem to them. That means every single thing that is needed for the job also has to come to us, and that means a truck, maybe even two. It can involve machines, tarps, lighting, pipes, and of course chemicals and protective clothing.

So remember this, say it, write it down, and ask your friends to repeat it. Think about it:

You’re not paying for the chemical. It’s the knowledge.

​Study. Study. Study

A professional will read books and manuals, will go online and attend seminars, product shows and more. They will be part of an active network of other pest professionals, so they can constantly ask questions, share stories and get inside know-how. They will always be striving to be different from the run of the road Joe who rocks up with a rag and a can of spray. No, they are and love to be professional. The more knowledge they come equipped with, the better of you are when you call them with a problem.

They have the knowledge of what each pest eats, its habits, where it likes to hide, and how best to handle it. This makes the entire process shorter and less painful for you, your family, and pets!

​They will be fully licensed and certified, ask to see their credentials, they’ll be proud to show them off!

So, Why is Pest Control So Expensive?

I am sure you have the idea by now; it’s expensive because you are paying for a professional service that will be completed by a fully licensed and certified a professional.

They have dedicated their life to pest control, to keeping up with its ever-changing landscape.

We are not paying them to simply spray.

You’re not paying for a chemical or for a person to spray. You are paying for them to do it right. I can only agree and repeat a truly important idea that I have learnt from my own experiences of trying to get rid of unwanted pests: If you want it done right call a professional. It will save you time, stress and – believe it or not – money in the long run. Those termites will be gone. They won’t be back next week chewing through your home’s superstructure. Those bats will have been removed and will not get back in urinating and pooping so much that your ceiling caves in.

When a professional is out in the field giving and gives a quote, or on receiving payment after completing a pest control program, it is tempting for us to say: Hey why is this so expensive?

Well, I hope this article has helped to answer that question.

​Here are a few more things – some reinforced from above — that should help you understand as to why a professional pest control program can appear so expensive when compared to a DIY approach:

​Licensing and Insurance

To run a pest control company the business must be licensed and registered, either by a local, state or even regional authority. There is business licensing and — of absolute importance — all employees must hold their own individual licensing.

​Based in an industry that is constantly changing professional pest control companies will pay for their technicians’ continuing education. This is so they can be at the forefront of current pest control technology and do their best by the customer, you. Also, as a business, they must also hold current up- to-date pest control liability insurance, be sure to ask for it when you are considering hiring a professional.


Any professional pest control expert will have a van that’s equipped and fitted out to meet any job. If someone just rocks up in a private car with a single spray gun, choose someone else.


The vast array of chemicals and equipment needed for effective and professional applications of a pest control program that will last are extensive, specialized, and, yes, expensive.


Everyone, from the office staff, to the people who come out to your home or office, must get paid.

​Quality and Experience

On choosing a premium pest control company, you must understand you get what you pay for. Anyone
can walk around with a spray gun and throw poison down. Even me! So when you’re paying a quality
price, you’re going to get a quality job.

Remember: You’re not paying for the chemical. It’s the knowledge.

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